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Dig a little deeper into your knitting interests with these hot topics over at the Creative Knitting magazine Editor's Blog.

Overcoming Knitter's Block

I bet everyone reading this post has done the same thing. You go into your local yarn shop and fall in love with some gorgeous yarn. Deciding you can't live without it, you buy the yarn on the spot having no idea what you will do with it. When reason kicks in the next day (or year or decade), you realize that you have no idea what you will do with the object of your instant attraction. What caused your heart to beat faster at the LYS is now creating a knot in your stomach as you admit you're stuck in Knitter's Block. Click here to read more.

Kara's Quick-Knit Tip: How to Knit Cables the Easy Way

Cables are a lot easier than you think! Watch this quick video and you'll master this technique in minutes! Click here.

Learn-a-Stitch Three-Part Workshop Series Part 1: It's All Geometry My Dear! The Magic of Mitered Knitting

In Part 1 of my Learn-a-Stitch Workshop Series on, I go into detail about the characteristics of a mitered square. I discuss exactly how this look is achieved by working a series of decreases which creates a diagonal line that runs from the cast-on edge to the bind-off row. Click here to read more.

The Editor Wants to Know

Kara Gott Warner, executive editor of Creative Knitting magazine, asks those BURNING questions that all knitters want to know. Get into the conversation!

Do you have a favorite cast-on method?

What is your favorite way to cast-on? Do you use only one kind, or do you use different methods depending on your project? Click here to join in.

What are you grateful for today?

Each day when I wake up, I reflect on all the things I'm grateful for, and I find that the more I do this, the more it becomes automatic. What are the things you're grateful for? Click here to join in.