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It's a Wrap

When surrounded by the rush of holiday events, dealing with financial fiascos, or struggling with difficult situations, it can be a challenge to remember the positive that surrounds you. I was inspired by Creative Knitting magazine's editor, Kara, when she wrote, "I reflect on all the things I am grateful for, and I find that the more I do this, the more it becomes automatic."

Let's take a moment here, right now, to put our hearts first this holiday season. Go out with a purpose to seek the joy. Use your hands to express your love and gratitude. Let each stitch you knit in love soothe your mind and energize your spirit.

If you get a moment, feel free to share your thoughts of gratefulness with me.


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Tabetha Hedrick
Editor, Creative Knitting newsletter

Tabetha Hedrick, a freelance knitwear designer and writer raising a family in Colorado, lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. And joy is easy to find when immersed in the world of fiber! Her work has been published in numerous digital and print magazines, books and yarn company pattern collections. Tabetha's indie patterns and portfolio, blog and teaching schedule can be found on her website,

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