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I Love YARN DAY is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year! We all, of course, love yarn, but having a special day to really sing out about it?

There will be hundreds of thousands of fiber lovers plying their needles, hooks and spindles this October in celebration of I Love YARN DAY, the second Friday in October. What started as a lark three years ago by a group of yarn enthusiasts who invited people to share their fiber passion, has turned into a viral event that last year trended on Twitter.

The entire Annie's team gets super excited, too, and celebrates in style with giveaways, lessons, and general yarn-y get-togethers around the office throughout the day.

Providing inspiration is the website, where industry designers share their love of yarn and offer fun, free projects to help celebrate on Oct. 11, plus there are yarn party ideas. Yarn crafters are encouraged to plan fun events locally like yarn bombing evenings or yarn parties, and to pin their recipes, decorations and planned projects on the I Love YARN DAY Pinterest board. Enthusiasts are also invited to post their plans at I Love Yarn Day and post and tweet them on the I Love YARN DAY Facebook and Twitter pages.