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Tutorial: Faux Round Gauge Swatch

The autumn issue of Creative Knitting has a great segment of projects called "Think Out of the Tube." It's a chapter full of completely seamless knits that grow out of tube foundations. With super-cute designs like Corrina Ferguson's Moret Pullover or Kathy North's Colorfully Comfy Leg Warmers, I thought you might want a little primer on circular swatching. Or in this case, the "faux round gauge swatch."

I remember the first method I used for swatching in the round: I simply cast on double the number of stitches, worked in the round on double-point needles (dpns) and then bound off. Then I laid it as flat as I could, in half, and tried to count my stitches on the cushioned surface (created by the other half underneath). Not exactly accurate, was it? It also used a lot of yarn and took more time to work.

In the autumn issue, Patty Lyons wrote a fabulous article on the faux round gauge swatch concept, called "Shortcut for Seamless Knitting." It dawned on me that her article would pair perfectly with a blog tutorial I wrote for the Creative Knitting editor's blog just last year. So, why not direct you to that post for today's tutorial! In my blog post, you'll get step-by-step pictures that expand on Patty's article and that detail the basic concept. Trust me -- it will be an inspiring moment for those of you who love seamless, circular projects!

Be sure to let me know what you think and how it helped you.