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Tutorial: Crochet Trim for Your Knits

While flipping through the new special issue by Creative Knitting, All Season Throws, you'll come across a variety of options to edge your beautiful afghan. The Seeds & Leaves Throw by Kathy Perry is a lovely example of using crochet to trim, and this newsletter's tutorial is going to show you just how to do it.

The Single Crochet Trim (sc)

Steps 1 - 4

Step 1: I typically start by making a slip knot and placing it on the crochet hook (let's pretend this image shows that). Begin with the right side of your piece facing.

Step 2: With one loop on the hook, insert your hook through the knit edge.

Step 3: From front to back and over the top of the hook, wrap the yarn around, letting the hook grab it.

Step 4: Use the hook to pull that yarn back through to the front. You'll notice you have two loops on your hook now.

Steps 5 and 6

Step 5: Wrap your yarn around the hook again, just like in Step 3, over the top edge of your knitting (you aren't inserting the hook this time).

Step 6: Use the hook to pull that yarn back through BOTH of the loops that you had on the hook. Now you have one loop again. Move to the next "stitch" or placement in your knitting and repeat Steps 2 - 6 for a single-crochet edge.

Picot Edging

Now, the beautiful throw that I mentioned earlier has a delightful picot edging, so let me demonstrate that for you here:

Work a single crochet edge to where you want your first picot. Work that stitch like normal through Step 6 (from the above tutorial). Work a three-stitch chain into that one stitch by:

Picot Steps 1 - 4

Step 1: Don't insert your hook anywhere. Wrap the yarn around the hook.

Step 2: Pull that yarn through the loop already on the hook. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you have made three chains.

Step 3: This just shows what Steps 1 and 2 look like.

Step 4: Work a single crochet stitch through the same place you began the picot stitch before continuing to the next placement. You can make long chains, which will result in a delicate looped trim, so feel free to experiment!

Finished Piece