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Spring finally began making an appearance this month here in Colorado. I was positive that Mother Nature was out to get me with the March snowstorms! As the slightly warmer weather, wet rain and soft touch of the sun make their way into my heart, I am overwhelmed with the need to be creative again.

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I struggled all winter with the inability to work in a cohesive manner, which puts a significant damper on the muse, but it was all rectified when my birthday came around and I was gifted a REAL OFFICE SPACE! WOOT! WOOT!

Who would have thought that a little simple organization and a wonderful white workspace would cause such a stir? It prompted a deep-level cleansing of my yarn stash, the living-room space where I do my actual knitting, and the kids' room (boy, were THEY surprised!). And now, for the first time since we bought our home last December, my house feels settled into. I am completely unpacked, able to access everything I need, and just ... content. Spring is certainly a time of hope and rebirth.

Share with me your "cleansing" stories. Have you organized your stash, been hit with the knitting bug, or become excited about a new artistic venture? I can't wait to hear about it.


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Tabetha Hedrick
Editor, Creative Knitting newsletter

Tabetha Hedrick, a freelance knitwear designer and writer raising a family in Colorado, lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. And joy is easy to find when immersed in the world of fiber! Her work has been published in numerous digital and print magazines, books and yarn company pattern collections. Tabetha's indie patterns and portfolio, blog and teaching schedule can be found on her website,

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