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I never considered myself a dog person -- always a cat girl, but never dogs. My husband and daughters worked hard over the past few years to convince me that our family was ready for one. I somewhat relented and agreed, at least, to research breeds for the last 6 months or so. We discovered that border terriers and soft-coated wheaten terriers fit our "ideal" in being good with kids, easy to train, smart, not too big, etc, etc.

Unexpectedly, we found out about an adoption event near us that had a wheaten terrier mix on their list of puppies available (they were rescued from a ditch, malnourished and about 11 weeks old), so I said, "We'll take a look." Looking turned into instant love, and our little Pippin was brought home that afternoon. A week later, I left for TNNA, and I spent the entire time showing off more pictures of my puppy than of my own kids! HA! Needless to say, I think I am a dog person now.

So, I need a few things from you, my dear readers:

  1. Share with me your favorite projects for pets! I want to see them all -- sweaters, knit toys, booties, the works. Don't be shy about spamming me everything.
  2. Tell me how in the world to get my puppy away from the wool yarn. He's quite obsessed with it. He LOVES his toys and is easily directed, but he comes back for the yarn more than anything else in the house.
  3. I want to see your own pets wearing or using some your knits (or wrapped up in your yarn). I'd love to share on the newsletter! You can write to me using the easy contact form. I can't wait to hear from you!


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Tabetha Hedrick
Editor, Creative Knitting newsletter

Tabetha Hedrick, a freelance knitwear designer and writer raising a family in Colorado, lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. And joy is easy to find when immersed in the world of fiber! Her work has been published in numerous digital and print magazines, books and yarn company pattern collections. Tabetha's indie patterns and portfolio, blog and teaching schedule can be found on her website,

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