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Tutorial: Joining in the Round

There are a couple of different methods for joining two ends to work in the round, from casting on an extra stitch to using a two-end join (working a few stitches with both the tail and the working yarn), but today, I'm going to share my favorite technique: cross-over join.

I learned the cross-over method a couple of years ago from Nancy Bush's book, Knitting Vintage Socks. I think it is easily the most inconspicuous, neatest join there is! It can be a little awkward at first, but give it a try and let me know what you think.

Step 1: Cast on your stitches and arrange as you normally do on your double-point or circular needles.

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Step 1

Step 2: Slip the first stitch on the left-hand needle (the stitch without a yarn tail) over to the right-hand needle.

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Step 2

Step 3: With the left-hand needle, pick up and slip the last cast-on stitch (the stitch with the yarn tail) up and over the first stitch to be placed on the left-hand needle. It is OK to let it get loose for easier moving. Basically, these two stitches have changed places, with the last cast-on stitch surrounding the first cast-on stitch.

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Step 3

Place your marker between these two stitches to mark the beginning of the round and work your first stitch. As you continue working, give the tail a little tug to tighten back up that first stitch.

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Step 4

Here's what the edge looks like when all is said and done:

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Final Product