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Tab's Fiber Faves

Knit & Crochet Now!

As a designer, I get to try out a lot more fiber-y things than the average knitter/crocheter. My hands are constantly feeling out new yarns on the market, testing different brands of needles, and experimenting with and previewing various designs, bags, tools, books, mats and a glutton of other products. It's a dirty job, but in order to stay on top of the trends, it's a job I have to do (big grin here). Yet, it also means I can share with you my favorite picks that will improve your own fiber experience!

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I have to tell you, I am SUPER-excited about the new season of Knit & Crochet Now! The show was created by Candice Jensen Productions and became a member of Annie's this past September. It is set to release the fantastic series in February. With an amazing team of experts and a wonderful host, every episode will feature one knit and one crochet project. The patterns range from a variety of skill levels, including afghans, sweaters, home decor and more. Be sure to check for local listings in your area or call PBS right away to request it. It is a show you will not want to miss!

Simple Projects

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I don't know about you, but after a season of hustle and bustle, my favorite project picks are simple and geared toward pampering myself. I adore the design by Carri Hammett in the winter issue of Creative Knitting, Tannenbaum Table Runner.

Slipped stitches are exactly what one needs to wind down. In fact, this piece would be fabulous repurposed in another way: Add some cushioning on the bottom with no-slip material and use it as a mat for standing on at the stove or sink. My feet are already thanking me for the idea!

In the same breath, I also need projects that have instant gratification, such as the Quickie Cable Case by Jill Wolcott. It's simple, pretty and FAST!

Kollage Square Needles

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OK, I'm going to point you to one other thing that I have delighted in over the past few months: Square Needles by Kollage! I admit to having been a little hesitant to try Square Needles, but the results were wonderful! The points are beautifully sharp, the needle has just the right amount of grip, and they are American-made. I found that my knitting got a little tighter, so you'll want to experiment with different sizes. Definitely give these a try!

I hope you look forward to my Fiber Faves in the coming newsletters, but do share with me YOUR favorite picks by sending me a note or two.