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Editor's Blog: 2 Mittens, 2 Hours!

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How could we have a Creative Knitting winter issue without oodles of accessories that you can make on the fly? If you're hunkering down for winter, then get busy churning out some easy and quick projects this season! In this blog post, Creative Knitting editor, Kara Gott Warner, shows you how easily you can make the 2-Hour Mittens designed by Carri Hammett. These mittens are made using double-point needles with Cascade Magnum, a super-bulky yarn that produces 2 1/2 stitches per inch on a size 13 needle.

If you find working on double-points too clunky, Kara will also provide some alternative methods for making these mittens. Visit the Creative Knitting editor's blog, Splendid Sticks, to fulfill your quick-knit fix!