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Meet Tabetha

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As a freelance designer, writer and blog contributor for Creative Knitting magazine since 2010, my name might be one you already recognize. Even so, a more formal introduction is definitely in order here! "Hi! My name is Tabetha Hedrick, and I am happy come aboard as your new Creative Knitting newsletter editor."

My husband, Jeremy, two daughters, Ayla and Sophie, and I reside in the great state of Colorado, nestled between the big city of Denver and an impressive array of Rocky Mountains. I've always had an artistic background, bred into me from my mom, and have dabbled in Chinese sumi-e painting, clay, sculpting, sketching, jewelry making, creative writing and music since childhood.

Back in 2004, though, a friend of mine introduced me to knitting, and quite suddenly, I discovered an obsession and love that could not be doused. It wasn't long before I fully unleashed my creativity as a knitwear designer and have been blessed to be included in numerous publications, books and yarn company collections. Creative Knitting was my VERY first magazine!

I've grown a lot since my first design, and I'm thrilled that my progress has led to this point as editor of the Creative Knitting newsletter. I am eager to learn your thoughts and comments, as well as any questions you might have.