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Winter Knitting

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The days are getting shorter, and it's now a bit too dark and chilly for an after-dinner bicycle ride. While I will initially miss the activities of summer, it won't take me long to get into winter hibernation mode. In this mode, the after-dinner activity usually involves television or music, and knitting (though I sincerely wish I could get better at reading and knitting at the same time).

Last night, I took out a seasonal knitting project that's now been with me for two winters. I like having an ongoing project on the needles, and this one will see me through at least two more New England winters. Some of you may have seen this work-in-progress in these very pages last year. The Retirement Blanket is worked in the mosaic knitting technique and is planned for our queen-size bed with plenty of blanket to hang down over the sides and the bottom of the bed. The finished size will be 96 inches square, and it is knit in four quadrants that will be seamed together. What I discovered when I pulled this out from the closet is that I had only eight more squares to knit on the second quadrant.

A little bit of TV news and a Law & Order rerun took me to the end of the second quadrant, officially halfway finished with a measurement of 96 by 48 inches.

This is a great way to begin the season: For me, it's all downhill from here. What's on your needles?

Knit on!

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