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Do you shy away from knitting projects that have cables because you don't like using a cable needle? You can leave your cable needle zipped up in your tool bag after Carri Hammett shows you how to make cables without a cable needle. Once you learn the technique, you'll be able to zip across your row making cables with barely a pause. Your newfound skill will come in handy to make the hip allover-cable hat pattern that Carri will feature for free on her website. Visit the Creative Knitting Editor's Blog to read the post here.

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Carri Hammett is a popular contributor to the blog and a member of the teaching team for Annie's Online Classes. Her class, Knit Finishing Techniques, is available at Annie's Online Classes.

Carri is the author of numerous books including her latest, More Than a Dozen Hats & Beanies, which can be found at Annie's Catalog.