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Editor's Blog: Seaming Made Easy

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After you've bound off the last stitch of your soon-to-be stunning sweater pieces, there comes the most crucial part of the project: sewing all those pieces together so that they actually become the stunning sweater you envision. In the knitting world, we call this process "seaming," and it is a task that has intimidated many knitters.

While seamless circular projects may have a more "instant gratification" effect for the knitter, seamed garments have some important advantages. Seaming provides substantially more structure and support, reducing much of the sagging, bagging, or riding-up issues that occur from circular knits. In addition, working in pieces allows you to verify measurements as you go.

Seaming is a disciplined art, but after learning a few basic tricks and techniques, you will find seaming to be an enjoyable, creative process meant to be explored and tested. Visit the Creative Knitting editorís blog, Splendid Sticks, and read the full article here.