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Yoga for Knitters

Under the heading Readers Speak in this issue, I suggested that Katie try a couple of stretches while she's knitting to help reduce the strain on her muscles and tendons. If you go a little further than the arm and shoulder stretches mentioned and give your whole body a bit of a stretch, you may find that not only are you more comfortable knitting, but you are more comfortable doing whatever you do.

It is fairly recently that I started attending yoga classes, and I think I'm living proof that it works. I only manage to fit in a one-hour class twice a week at most, but I've learned many of the poses and will strike them often at home. Not only do I have less pain, I often sleep through the night, a feat that had eluded me for several years.

Just for fun I did a Google search on "yoga for knitters," and sure enough, I found a video from Mala Yoga in Brooklyn. Check it out here. In fact, there were hundreds of "hits" for this particular search. Seek and ye shall find.

Knit on!

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