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Readers Speak

These items are in response to the April 20 newsletter.

Donna writes: "I hated living in a construction zone when we redid the kitchen. What I'm trying to figure out now is if you are complaining about having to leave a cold house or are bragging about taking your knitting to a nice cafe. Either reason would be enough for me to take my knitting on the road. Have fun!"

Editor's Comments

You nailed it! I was definitely complaining about the cold, but at the same time, I was delighted to have an excuse to knit at the cafe. I spent six hours there and made great progress on my mitered blanket. I highly recommend this type of activity. -- Judith

Sue Burns writes: "The newsletter article about charting out written instructions reminded me of something that I do. I like to work repeating lace patterns when I travel, but the big problem is keeping track of which row I'm on. I usually get a 3 x 5-inch spiral notebook and write out one row per page, using the chart symbols. When I finish one row, I flip to the next page. When I put away the knitting, the notebook goes into the bag, left open to the page I was working on. It takes some time to write up the pages in the notebook, but I find this is a super-efficient way to follow a repeating pattern while traveling. Maybe it will be useful to someone else."

Editor's Comments

What an excellent idea. I'll bet we see a spike in small notebook sales! -- Judith

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