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I'm Taking My Knitting & Leaving!

After at least 10 years of debating the subject, my husband and I finally hired a contractor to add a bathroom to the second floor of our home. And of course, the best place to put this bathroom is in what, up to now, has been my office/studio, which is directly above the bathroom on the first floor. This meant that I had to move absolutely everything out of the room and move my computer down to the desk in the foyer. I moved books, important papers, office supplies, knitting supplies and beading supplies into the guest room, stacking them in a way that I have ready access to all.

For the past week this has been working well. Two guys would show up and work all day, one day banging and removing walls, another day laying in pipes, all while walking past me many times an hour as I tried to stay engrossed in my editing work on the computer. They kept the ruckus to a minimum, and we were all able to do what we needed to do.

Today is different. Plastering is happening today, and there are five men up there working and having many good laughs (I suppose this is better than fighting men). In addition to the noise, apparently plaster sets better in cold temperatures than warm, so they've turned off the furnace and opened doors and windows. I'm sitting at the kitchen table shivering. And I've had it -- I'm taking my knitting and heading to the local cafe -- the rest of the work can wait. See you there?

Knit on!

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Judith Durant
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Judith Durant loves to knit and to write, and writing about knitting is the best. She has authored, co-authored and edited many books about knitting and beadwork, including Never Knit Your Man a Sweater, Knit One, Bead Too and the best-selling One-Skein Wonders series. She is currently co-authoring a technique book with Dorothy T. Ratigan titled Knitting Know-How: Techniques, Lessons and Projects for Every Knitter's Library, which will be published in July 2012. Visit Judith on the web at

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