From Our Readers

I love the magazine. I can't wait for it to arrive. I wish I had more time to knit but I always have a project going.
-- Celeste B.
I enjoy your magazine. I always like tips to make things more professional. Keep up the great work.
-- Marlene H.
Just started getting the magazine this spring. I am very pleased to date. I am 86 so I don't knit as much as in my younger years. Mostly sweaters, scarves, etc. Keep up the good work.
-- Anita H.
I love the magazine, it is my favorite. I have been a customer for quite a while and there so many things I want to make. I get them out and go through them all the time. I just wish I could knit faster and didn't have anything else to do but knit. I am very careful with my magazines and they all look like new. Thank you for giving this old woman something to look forward to. Love my Creative Knitting magazine.
-- Karen D.
I love the unusual projects both in style and variety of yarns. The clarity of directions and visuals encourages me to tackle projects that I might otherwise not try. The specific techniques presented are also very helpful.
-- Carol V.
I have always loved the magazine as it offers a wide range of designs and ability levels.
-- Judith G.
I have enjoyed your magazine for years. The new digital subscription benefits are super, and I am grateful! I also appreciate your commitment to excellence in everything from issue layout to customer service. Good work!
-- Connie V.
Now that the weather is getting warmer I do not have any projects pending. I can't wait for fall. The projects in Creative Knitting will keep me busy.
-- Barbara T.
I think it is one of the more updated and fresh knitting magazine out today. It reaches all age groups. I am in my late fifties and I find great patterns that look current that I can wear.

I like that you do not have to read a graph for the patterns. I like the row by row directions.

I am very happy with my subscription for this magazine.

-- Cheryl R.
Creative Knitting is the first knitting magazine I subscribed to. I was introduced to Creative Knitting while taking a class at my LYS. The owner was using one of the patterns to teach making a sweater. I later saw the current issue of the magazine, bought it and quickly got a subscription.

While I am a new knitter and have not made many of the projects, I thoughly enjoy reading and studying the articles. I am recently retired so am sure I will have more time to make the patterns I have already marked. I really like the new format that gives the pattern with the picture and description. That makes construction so much easier.

-- Cheryl W.