From Our Readers

Creative Knitting is a great magazine with practical, doable patterns that can be worked in mainstream or luxury yarns. I am impressed with the unique patterns available in each new issue.
-- Joanne
Enjoy every magazine. I have been knitting for a very long time and like the variety you offer. Money well spent.
-- Joyce M.
I love the variety of Creative Knitting patterns and the explanations, tips and yarn suggestions. I think the stitch guide in the back is very informative. I had a pattern using short rows and had never done it. I went to the magazine and found instructions and had no problem at all.
-- Lori L.
Creative Knitting is just that -- creative ... I like that there are different patterns in the magazine. They are different than those in other knitting magazines. Creative Knitting makes knitting interesting.
-- Christine D.
I have enjoyed this magazine for years and years. In fact it's the only knitting magazine I subscribe to. I've knitted many, many items in years past and present with very good results.
-- Patricia C.
This is the only magazine I subscribe to. Your designs are simply the best and can fit a large majority of people. I have every issue since the beginning and refer to them all the time for different projects. I plan on buying subscriptions for gifts in the future to people who either know how to knit or want to learn how.
-- Geny H.
I just love Creative Knitting magazine and have made several garments from your patterns over the years.
-- Linda W.
I have received my digital subscription to your fabulous magazine and am thrilled that now I don't have to visit the local newsstand each quarter.
-- Elise M.
I had subscriptions to many knitting magazines, but have let them all run out except for Creative Knitting. Your magazine offers so many doable projects in each issue. They are not so easy that they are boring, but not so difficult that I donít want to bother. Keep up the good work.
-- Mary H.