From Our Readers

Your magazine is more user friendly than others in my opinion. Also the patterns aren't so high skilled that they deter a knitter from trying.
-- Pearl S.
Your magazine is my favorite. I only wish there were more issues throughout the year ... but I would also like to knit every single project in every magazine I have gotten so far (that isn't gonna happen either).
-- Margaret D.
I am a new reader of Creative Knitting. When deciding what knitting magazine to subscribe to I had numerous sources point to Creative Knitting. I have not been disappointed so far. Thanks for the great magazine.
-- Pamela B.
I like the access to the past issues -- this was the main reason to try the subscription. I like that there is a mix of projects.
-- Vicki H.
I love the magazine and look forward to the arrival of each issue!
-- Sheryl
I look forward to every issue.
-- Linda A.
I wish I got a new issue every month, it's so much fun. Although I know that is not possible, it's so exciting to get the new issue and spend days and days looking through it.
-- Sherri B.
Love this magazine. I continue to renew my subscription even when I have greater than a year to go. Thanks for all you do.
-- Sandi L.
I really like the wide variety of knitting patterns because I have many projects going at once depending on my mood. I also knit for different people at different ages and gender. You really meet my needs.
-- Jo B.
Just LOVE it all. It is a gift from my husband usually EVERY year.
-- Ruth F.