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Knitting Tutorial: The "No Ear" Bind-Off Trick

I went over six years without learning this little trick. That's six years of tiny little ears sticking off the end of my bind-off row! Well, no more, I tell you! This handy little tip will rid you of that pesky little ear forevermore.

If you are binding off like all the instructions say, this is likely what your end looks like:

Click here for larger image

It's worked by knitting your last two stitches, lifting the first stitch on the right-hand needle up and over the second stitch. Then you cut your yarn, and pull the yarn through the loop of that last remaining stitch. It works, does its job, but it isn't pretty, is it?

Here's the result of the new way:

Click here for larger image

It's smooth, and it literally ends at the very edge of the knitting without jutting over the side. And it's the nifty little trick that actually makes it .00001 seconds faster than the old way. (Wink!) Here's how to do it:

Click here for larger image
Step 1: Bind off in the usual way, all the way until you have the last stitch remaining. Knit that last stitch like normal.
Step 2: With the two knitted stitches on the right-hand needle, go ahead and cut your yarn (long enough to do your weaving in and whatnot).
Step 3: Now, very much like the old way, lift the first stitch on the right-hand needle up and over the second stitch so that it falls off the needle. You'll have the one stitch left on the right-hand needle. NOW WAIT! Here's where it is different.
Step 4: Continue pulling that one stitch (using your right-hand needle) all the way through the stitch you just dropped. Don't panic -- just keep pulling until your cut end comes all the way through. Give a little tug to tighten and ... whammo! You've finished without the pesky ear.

What do you think? Crazy cool, right?

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