Note From the Editor

"It" finally happened -- my worst fear and a big ugly scarlet letter for the entire world to see: a grammatical faux pas! This one was not buried in pages of copy, but rather smacked right on the top of a recent editorial letter page.

Up to having made this discovery, I was quite proud of my recent work, enjoying raving compliments on the designs, a great cover and stellar content. Then, there it was -- one little word in the wrong place that shattered my pride in an instant.

Eventually, I began to look at this situation a bit differently and see how limiting my thoughts had become. How could I expect perfection in an imperfect world? Real life is messy. Accepting and embracing imperfections provides insights that could never be found from tightly holding on to the need to always be right and never make a mistake. What a limiting world that would be!

This feeling of acceptance that I found was quite comforting, because it was as if the shutters of my mind were opened -- the veil was lifted from my eyes.

Ironically, just a few weeks before my discovery, I stumbled upon a popular blogger who intentionally places a typo or grammatical error in a post every now and then as a shout out to the world that making a mistake does not have to be devastating. Why not face these moments with a feeling of equanimity, rather than ride the roller coaster of emotions and hurt pride?

Letting go allows the teacher to emerge. How does this apply this to our knitting life? Are you afraid to invest time and energy in that cardigan you've been dreaming of making? The truth is you have nothing to lose and so much knowledge to gain.

Trust your own wisdom and keep trying. Developing our skills does take effort, but keep your eye on the prize. Even if things aren't perfect, you'll come out on the other side with the confidence you've been searching for.

Kara Gott Warner signature
Kara Gott Warner
Executive Editor, Creative Knitting magazine

Arts in Illustration. As a freelance illustrator, she specialized in technical illustrations for knitting, crochet and other craft books for major publishers. In 2002, Kara began designing patterns for her independent collection of knitting patterns, sold under the igottknits label. Her patterns are sold exclusively on Annie's and e-PatternsCentral.

Kara first learned how to knit at age 12 from her grandmother, but not until her early adult life did she come back to the craft with reckless abandon. When Kara rediscovered knitting, she used it as a much-needed escape from her hectic life working as a designer in New York City. She quickly fell in love with knitting, and her needles haven't stopped clicking since. As editor, Kara first joined Annie's in 2007 as a freelance editor and produced a variety of hardcover knitting books. In June 2010, Kara joined the Annie's family full-time, as executive editor of Creative Knitting magazine and knit publications.

Kara's knitwear designs have been published in Creative Knitting, Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits and Family Circle Easy Knitting. She is also the author of The Divine Drop Stitch.

You can follow Kara on her blogging adventures at SplendidSticks.

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