Are You Ready for a Knitting Podcast Like No Other? Power Purls Launches This Fall!

The Power Purls Podcast Starts August 15th! Get on the Pre-Show List!

There are some exciting things coming your way within the next few months, because I’m hosting an all-new knitting podcast, called Power Purls, scheduled to launch this fall.

What makes Power Purls so special?

This bi-weekly podcast is like no other. I will ask those burning questions and uncover what really keeps our needles moving. I will have conversations with savvy knitwear designers, yarn companies and every day knitters with compelling back stories.

Here’s a sampling of the questions I’ll ask each guest:

  • What was that pivotal moment that turned you on to those two sticks and fuzzy stuff?
  • Did you turn to knitting because of the loss of a loved one, an injury or divorce? Dig deep and tell the listeners your story.
  • How has knitting changed your life?
  • How did you turn your passion of knitting into a business?

Visit to get on the VIP pre-show update list, along with some other goodies and stay in the loop on all things knitterly!

Get on the list. Stay in the loop!

Why should you sign up for the pre-show list? Well, for starters, you’ll get to meet inspiring knitters and designers who share candid stories about what attracted them to this amazing craft and you’ll also get the inside scoop about how they turned their bliss into a business that they love.

When you sign up, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Episode updates each week so you don’t miss a single episode
  • Strategies for how to create and submit stellar designs to magazines
  • You’ll get the editor’s perspective on what publishers are really looking for!
  • Featured guest interviews, tips and advice to enhance your knitting journey

So what are you waiting for? Get in the know, get on the list!


Get Your Free Lemon Stress Ball Knitting Pattern and Stitch Away Stress!

Stitch Away Stress

The Craft Yarn Council just released the free “When Life Gives You Lemons” Lemon Stress Ball pattern from Twinkie Chan for stitching and squeezing away stress. Twinkie has posted a fun tutorial for the pattern which you watch here. Then, go grab your free pattern here so you can make your own!

Join in on the fun and post a photo of your Lemon Stress Ball with the hash tag #StitchAwayStress and #lemonstressball on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Have fun!



New Knitalong with Melissa Leapman Starts April 10th!

Designer and author, Melissa Leapman

Designer and author, Melissa Leapman

If you received the latest issue of Creative Knitting, you’ll see that Melissa Leapman will be hosting the next Knitalong for the Soft Shells Runner & Stitch Blocks featured in the Summer 2015 issue!

The fun begins on April 10th, so go grab your free patterns here for as long as this issue is on the newsstand. Then head on over to Ravelry and say “hi, I’m in!” on this official thread.

See you on on Ravelry!

Soft Shells Runner & Stitch Blocks

Soft Shells Runner & Stitch Blocks



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Knitumentary week #5 Let’s Make a Cowl for Mimosa!


Join the Journey

Join the Journey

We’ve reached our final week of the Knitumentary project and I have a little bonus that I think you’ll really like.

If you have some leftover yarn from Mimosa, how about making a matching cowl? It’s pretty easy to do if you have your original gauge swatch and remember how many repeats you worked.

Make a matching cowl with leftover skeins or Berroco Maya.

Make a matching cowl with leftover skeins or Berroco Maya.

I love the idea of making a matching cowl that is detachable because when worn it will give the illusion that it part of the neckline of your pullover. To make your look seasonally-appropriate for February, add a long-sleeve tee. Then come spring, off comes the cowl, swap out the long-sleeve tee with a cami, and you’re ready for warmer temps!

Easy Peasy Math

Here’s how to make your cowl:

#1 Pull out your gauge swatch and measure it edge to edge. Write that number down.

#2 Take the number of stitches you casted on for your swatch and divide that by the width of your swatch that you wrote down in step 1. This equals your stitches per inch. 

#3 Then, take your stitches per inch and multiply that by the number of inches wide you want to make your cowl.

#4 Cast on the number of repeats that comes closest to the width you desire, then knit for as long as you want your cowl to be.

Seam ends together, block and show it off!

This has been so much fun, and when you finish and block your beautiful new top, I’d love to see your finished creations! Please share your photos on this Ravelry thread.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey!


The Knitumentary Project Week #4 – Knitting on the Beach and Using the Early Morning Hours as a Conduit for Creativity

Join the Journey

Join the Journey

Beach knitting? Don’t I wish with all this crazy winter weather! In this week’s post, I reflect on how each project made holds its own story, and one of those that I share here was knitting on the beach each day this past summer.

So about Mimosa– hope you are plugging away. Last week, your “homework” was to work up the the armholes. How’d you do? Jump on the Ravelry post here to share your photos.

The weekends are my prime knitting time and the one thing I love about working on a new project, especially a sweater, is that I can always remember the events that occurred in my life while I was making it. With that in mind this weekend, I’ve been reflecting on fond memories of this past summer vacationing in Cape Cod, Mass., and I spent each leisurely day knitting on the beach, creating a neckerchief design that will soon appear in the Summer 2015 issue of Creative Knitting. I’m calling it Summer Morning Sky because the yarn reminds me of the shades of pink streaks you see across the sky right before sunrise.

Knitting at the beach. It just can't get any better than this!

Knitting at the beach. It just can’t get any better than this!

Each morning I would head to the beach with my chair, project and journal to capture thoughts that surfaced, snap photos of the stitches as the light hit them, and any other inspiration that would strike.

Journal writing sparks ideas and wakes up the mind!

Journal writing sparks ideas and wakes up the mind!

Speaking of morning time– each day before I head off to work, I spend time knitting to set the tone for the day ahead. Since starting Mimosa, I’ve been enjoying the process, especially in the morning because it’s so quiet and all I can hear are my needles clicking and feel the yarn gliding through my fingers.

I sit in the same spot each day in the third bedroom of my house which I fondly consider my little morning sanctuary. I sit cozily with my legs resting on a small ottoman covered with a colorful lapghan I made a few years ago.

My mind is so still and tranquil in the first few hours of the day and I take advantage of this meditative time each morning when time seems to almost stand still.

My little morning sanctuary.

My little morning sanctuary.

Do you set aside morning time to knit as a way to create a launchpad for your day? 

Weekly Challenge

If you’re on track and you’ve worked to the armholes, here are your next steps:

  • Mark the start of your armholes with either split ring markers or safety pins on each end of the row.
  • Work even until the armhole measurement as noted in the pattern based on your size.
  • Shape the shoulders and bind off your remaining 63 sts.

See you back here next Sunday, March 1st!