Monthlong Knitalong with Berroco and Creative Knitting!

So have you heard? We’re kicking things off with a new knitalong just about to start on the Berroco Lover’s Ravelry group for this stunning Chock Wrap design.

July 18th, through August 18th, Creative Knitting and the Berroco Design Team have joined forces to bring you a special knitalong featuring the stunning Chock Wrap.

Chock Wrap Knit Pattern

Chock Wrap Knit Pattern from Berroco

Watch this comprehensive, step-by-step video where Berroco designer Emily O’Neil shows you must-know lace knitting and chart reading basics!

If you’re ready to jump in and get started, here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit Annie’s to purchase and download the Chock Wrap pattern and Maya in the color of your choice.
  • While you’re waiting for your yarn to arrive, watch this video which will show step-by-step how to work the Chock Wrap.

Remember, the knitalong is available for you to join in at any time, and it will never expire!

Have fun knitting!

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Fiber Fun Friday – New Issue, New Ideas and the Ten-Year Legacy of Creative Knitting

Get ready, get set, it's the weekend!

Get ready, get set, it’s the weekend!

On this edition of Fiber Fun Friday, I’m excited to announce that the digital version of the 2014 autumn issue of Creative Knitting magazine is now available online. You can view highlights from the current issue here.

If you’re a subscriber, you’re probably holding a copy in your hands as you read this, and for those of you who are newsstand goers, you’ll see the new issue appear the second week of July.

Creative Knitting magazine, autumn 2014.

Creative Knitting magazine, autumn 2014

The very first issue of Knitting World, December, 1978 and the premier issue of Creative Knitting, September, 2004

The very first issue of Knitting World, December, 1978 and the premier issue of Creative Knitting, September, 2004

It was just a decade ago that Creative Knitting began with a mission that knitting should be easy for everyone and today that legacy still continues!

This autumn issue marks the 10th anniversary of Creative Knitting magazine, and you’ll get the chance to take a trip back in time to see what it was like in the early days.

While I was planning this issue, I was reminded of my own knitting origins and back to the time when my passion started—to that little girl who was so curious by what Grandma was knitting. Little did my grandmother know that this was one of the greatest gifts she had given me, helping to pave the way for my exciting journey ahead.

When was your passion for knitting ignited?

We can all remember the first pivotal moment in our early knitting experience. Mine was at The Yarn Connection, a little shop that once existed on Madison Avenue, in New York City. I was holding a pair of #7 Susan Bates aluminum needles and knitting with off-white worsted-weight wool. I can’t recall the brand of yarn, but I do remember the tiny swatch I was making, which consisted of only 12 stitches, so that I could get the hang of knitting a few rows. Then, on that very same swatch, I learned how to purl. It was a brisk autumn evening many years ago, and it was the spark that started it all.

When did you first discover your passion for knitting?

When did you first discover your passion for knitting?

Do you have a special story about how you first discovered knitting and how it became a passion?

I’d love to hear from you! Add  your comments to this post or contact me at: Your story may appear on the pages of Creative Knitting or this blog.


Fiber Fun Friday- 3 Tips for Making Your Knitting Passion Portable

Get ready, get set, it's the weekend!

Get ready, get set, it’s the weekend!

It’s going to be another gorgeous June weekend. With that being said, do you find it hard to find time to knit with so many activities going on? Do you wish you had more options to make your “passion portable?”

Guess what, you’re in luck, because today I’m sharing tips for how to make this happen!

Follow these 3 tips, and you’ll definitely make your knitting passion portable this weekend:

Tip #1  Always have a knitting bag ready to go with at least one project.

Tip #2  The project you take should consist of an easy-to-memorize stitch pattern so you’re not fixated on your pattern. If you do your friends will think you’re ant-social!

Tip #3  Choose a one, or minimal-skein project so your bag does not take up much space–the goal is to be a “stealth knitter,” so you can knit at a party or at the park– and one will even notice!

What steps will you take today to make your knitting passion portable?

Join the conversation on Facebook!

Join the conversation on Facebook!


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Mindful Mondays: Just Take the First Step!

Take the first step in faith!

Most of the day yesterday, I was a pretty grumpy knitter, because I just couldn’t wrap my grain around a particular stitch pattern for a new design in progress for Creative Knitting magazine.

I’ve been totally frustrated, and have found myself feeling kind of frozen, not wanting to take that next step, because I’m just not finding the answers I need.

However, I know from experience that if I keep going like the quote below instructs, I will find the solution. The answer will come EXACTLY at the moment when I really need it.

I struggle because I want the answer I seek now, but I’m not ready to receive it. I guess this means I still have some learning to do before it appears!

Just take the first step!

When it does appear, I will have proof that continuing on the path really does pay off. The answers will not always be revealed right at the time we want them to, but instead when we need them. Remembering experiences like these are the fuel for the fire for those times when future struggles surface…and they always will!

What are the things you’re struggling with that you wishing you had answers for right now? Are you a believer that that if you keep plugging along, the answers will come? Or, do you have a hard time accepting this idea?




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Fiber Fun Friday: Happenings in Creative Knitting, The Best of the Blog, and Mystery Yarn Spotlight!

Get ready, get set, it's the weekend!


Creative Knitting Video: One Stitch Pattern, Unlimited Options

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my latest how-to video, this is your last chance, because next week, the Autumn 2014 digital issue goes live on

In the video below, I show you a clever bias openwork technique that you can use in a multitude of ways simply by changing needle size and yarn weights. Learn to be an adventurous knitter!

On the plate for next week, the online edition of the Autumn 2014 issue goes live, along with a comprehensive video, which includes a special tutorial for how to make the gorgeous Chock wrap/neckerchief, designed by Norah Gaughan for Berroco.

Chock Wrap Knit Pattern

Chock, designed by Norah Gaughan for Berroco

This is my little gift to you, so don’t miss it! I will share more details soon about the upcoming knitalong, and how you can take part on the Berroco Lover’s Ravelry group, so save the date!

The Best of the Blog: Learn a Stitch, Share the Love Stitch Block Series

Just in time for the weekend, here’s a re-run of my popular series: Learn a Stitch, Share the Love knitalong that I tag-teamed on with Tabetha Hedrick, the Creative Knitting online newsletter editor.

These washcloths are perfect for 3 good reasons:

  1. They are portable– pretty cool to take your passion with you everywhere you go, huh?
  2. Spend next to nothing or zero $$– dive into your stash, or purchase just one ball of yarn and go to town this weekend whipping out a bunch of these babies!
  3. No-brainer gifts– who wouldn’t love a colorful, handmade washcloth from you?

I’ve stated my case, now go get the first pattern here, then go here to read my first post in this four-part series, which was part of a popular knitalong that you can join at any time.

The weather will be gorgeous in most parts of the country this weekend, so get prepared so you can knit wherever your travels take you. Aren’t we so lucky to have a portable passion!

What’s on Kara’s Needles: It’s a Mystery!

Each week, I try to keep you up-to-date with what’s on my needles, but this week, it’s about what is “about” to be on my needles. I’m knee-deep in designing some new patterns for upcoming issues of Creative Knitting, and I’m really anxious to do something with the “Mystery Yarn” below. I will unveil what this gorgeous handpaint yarn is when the Spring 2014 issue goes live later this year. For now, I’ll keep you in suspense with a little bit of eye candy:

Mystery Yarn: Isn't it so pretty?

Mystery Yarn: Isn’t it so pretty?

Join the conversation on Facebook!

Join the conversation on Facebook!

How will you make your knitting passion “portable” this weekend? Join the conversation on the Creative Knitting Facebook page!

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