Let’s Get This Party Started – A New Knitalong Starts Today!

Today’s the day… for a two-week knitalong for the Pata Shawl, designed by Francoise Danoy. There’s quite a buzz happening over on the Ravelry Creative Knitting Fans Page, so don’t miss out on the fun!


This gorgeous design is featured in the spring 2016 issue of Creative Knitting, and the pattern is yours for FREE, but only for as long as this issue is on sale, so grab your copy here and then visit AnniesYarnShop.com to purchase Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace to get started.


If this is the first time you’re stumbling upon this information, then you’ll want to check out this post to get started.

Have fun and see you on Rav!

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SAVE THE DATE: New Knitalong, New Issue of Creative Knitting is LIVE!

Get ready, get set for a new knitalong!

This January, let’s chime in the New Year together and work our way through the Pata Shawl, designed by Francoise Danoy. The sample below is made with Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace, which you can learn about on AnniesYarnShop.com by clicking here. We also suggest that you consider Plymouth Linaza if the idea of linen excites you.


Pata Shawl, designed by Francoise Danoy

Pata Shawl, Designed by Francoise Danoy, Creative Knitting Spring 2016

shawl seamless This shawl doesn’t overwhelm with allover lace, but instead eases you in with stockinette sections flanked by simple eyelet rows to give you a little “taste of lace.”

eyelets         lace detail

What You’ll Learn

  • How to knit an eyelet
  • How to work a centered double decrease
  • How to increase, decrease and create a yarn over

Also… get your questions answered by the designer! Francoise will be kicking things off once we get started, and she will guide you along the way and empower you to successfully start and finish your shawl.

The Details

We still have about a month before we get moving with the knitalong, but in the meantime, here are a few things you can do…

See you in a few weeks with more details!



Mindful Mondays – An Afternoon Affirmation

Welcome (back) to Mindful Mondays!

I decided to revive this blog feature which I started about a year ago, with a mission to help you start your week with an empowering quote, phrase or photo.

My goal was to share this first thing this morning, but as we all know, Mondays can be a bit hectic, so instead I’m sharing an afternoon affirmation with you. Better late than never, right?

I geek out on posting quotes and sayings around my desk at work and at home because they really help me have an upbeat attitude no matter what comes my way.

This weekend, I decided to take things even a step further and celebrate my love for affirmations in my planner.

Believe you can and you WILL!

Believe you can and you WILL!

If there’s one thing I love, and that is organizing and planning. I still use the same planner that I received as a gift over twenty years ago. As you can see it’s a bit worn from the years, but I think it has some nice character. 🙂

My trusty planner that's been with me for 20+ years

My trusty planner that’s been with me for 20+ years

I’ll admit, putting together my yearly planner is something I consider a bit of an art form and I get really into it as you can see…





Instead of adding my usual planner refills, I decided to spice things up by creating collages with empowering saying and quotes like this. Why not make it fun, right?

How do you add some color to your day?



The Editor Wants to Know – Are You a Seasonal Knitter?


The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!


Welcome back to another edition of The Editor Wants to Know where I ask YOU those BURNING questions!

So… today’s question is:

Are you a seasonal knitter who prefers to knit mostly during the cooler months of the year making woolly sweaters? Or, are you a die-hard knitter that knits all year long, no matter how hot it gets?

I can’t wait to hear from you!


New From Imperial Stock Ranch– Limited Edition Kits

Happy Monday,  gang!

Jaclyn here and today and I have a new review! This time it will be about Imperial Stock Ranch’s new limited edition kits!

There are two in question that I had the pleasure of trying out– A cabled mitten set and a cabled headband.

Limited Edition Kits from Imperial Stock Ranch

Limited Edition Kits from Imperial Stock Ranch

The sets come in both natural and spruce colorways with Imperial Yarn’s Jasmine Luxe. I cannot say enough how soft the yarn was and what a breeze it was to knit with.


IMG_0200 (533x800) (2)


As for the patterns themselves, I found them to be delightful and for those of you who might be a little nervous about knitting cables, this is an excellent way to dip your toes into the rippling waters of this technique. It took me perhaps 3-4 hours to make both mittens one lazy Sunday morning while watching some television so these are perfect for quick-knit gifts that are fashionable and fun. I’ve worn my pair many times in the chilly autumn mornings driving to work and they have been holding up great! These are definitely worth the purchase either for yourself or to make as a gift for the upcoming holiday season.



Headband Glory

Headband Glory

While I’m not a personal fan of headbands (good luck trying to get all these curls reigned in), I will say that this headband kit was a fun project as well. I am a fan of I-Cords so the banding around and the button “snap” was relaxing and enjoyable and I liked the fact that this was very customizable for your head as you can just knit the headband as long as you need (yarn allowing) to achieve a perfect fit.  Again, this kit didn’t take me long to finish either, maybe around 2 hours. I would also like to mention that this headband could also double as an ear warmer as shown in the picture to  the right as it does knit up wide enough to cover the ears, making it a great transitional piece through those early winter months.

So what’s the verdict? Well the jury is in and this knitter thinks these are a definite must for holiday gift giving or for a nice treat for yourself!

The catch is that they are limited edition so there is only a limited quantity…so you’ll have to act fast!

To order your own kits and make these gorgeous pieces simply click here!

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