New From Imperial Stock Ranch– Limited Edition Kits

Happy Monday,  gang!

Jaclyn here and today and I have a new review! This time it will be about Imperial Stock Ranch’s new limited edition kits!

There are two in question that I had the pleasure of trying out– A cabled mitten set and a cabled headband.

Limited Edition Kits from Imperial Stock Ranch

Limited Edition Kits from Imperial Stock Ranch

The sets come in both natural and spruce colorways with Imperial Yarn’s Jasmine Luxe. I cannot say enough how soft the yarn was and what a breeze it was to knit with.


IMG_0200 (533x800) (2)


As for the patterns themselves, I found them to be delightful and for those of you who might be a little nervous about knitting cables, this is an excellent way to dip your toes into the rippling waters of this technique. It took me perhaps 3-4 hours to make both mittens one lazy Sunday morning while watching some television so these are perfect for quick-knit gifts that are fashionable and fun. I’ve worn my pair many times in the chilly autumn mornings driving to work and they have been holding up great! These are definitely worth the purchase either for yourself or to make as a gift for the upcoming holiday season.



Headband Glory

Headband Glory

While I’m not a personal fan of headbands (good luck trying to get all these curls reigned in), I will say that this headband kit was a fun project as well. I am a fan of I-Cords so the banding around and the button “snap” was relaxing and enjoyable and I liked the fact that this was very customizable for your head as you can just knit the headband as long as you need (yarn allowing) to achieve a perfect fit.  Again, this kit didn’t take me long to finish either, maybe around 2 hours. I would also like to mention that this headband could also double as an ear warmer as shown in the picture to  the right as it does knit up wide enough to cover the ears, making it a great transitional piece through those early winter months.

So what’s the verdict? Well the jury is in and this knitter thinks these are a definite must for holiday gift giving or for a nice treat for yourself!

The catch is that they are limited edition so there is only a limited quantity…so you’ll have to act fast!

To order your own kits and make these gorgeous pieces simply click here!

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From Chicago With Love– Vogue Knitting Live!

Welcome To the Windy City

Welcome To the Windy City

Greetings! Jaclyn here, writing to you on an out-of-the-ordinary day… Tuesday. I would have been here sooner but Kara and I have had quite the busy weekend attending Vogue Knitting Live! in Chicago, Illinois.

This was my first time at the event and it did not disappoint. From the cocktail party, the bustling marketplace and the multitude of fascinating classes, Vogue Knitting Live! is truly a mecca for all things knitting.

If that weren’t enough, it was also my first time in Chicago, a city that I found both exhilarating and daunting for this Florida girl.

Kara and I arrived on early Friday morning and then embarked on finding my checked bag in one of the largest airports I have every been in. After many miles of walking and with the help of a fast moving cabbie, we made it to our destination, the Palmer House, with all bags in tow.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling that was pulsating through the building as the lobby was alive with the sound of knitting needles. Students sit in the wing-backed seats, furiously trying to finish their class homework before heading upstairs.

Having arrived early, we quickly stowed our bags in our rooms and decided to take to the streets of the Magnificent Mile in hopes of taking in the fashion for inspiration.

Kara and I enjoying the sights!

Kara and I enjoying the sights!

The high fashion that walked the streets of Chicago was mesmerizing and an aesthetic smorgasbord of inspiration. I couldn’t resist going to Millennium Park to ogle all of the incredible art and take copious amounts of selfies at “The Bean” (don’t judge me, some instances just require a selfie and this was one of them).

After a tea house snaffu, we made our way back to the Palmer House and back to the safe knitted haven.

It wasn’t until later that night that I had my first real taste of Vogue Knitting Live! and their impeccably thought out and put-together events when I attended the Cocktail Reception sponsored by Skacel Collection.

It was a fabulous time full of mingling with industry professionals and the everyday knitter alike all while taking in the incredible architecture of the Red Lacquer Room and nibbling on the exquisite food that was offered.  The story of Addi needles was told by none other than Editorial Director, Trisha Malcolm before giving us free reign to try their many needles out at yarn tasting stations around the ballroom.

The Show. The Sights. The (no) Sounds.

The Show. The Sights. The (no) Sounds.


Saturday morning truly marked the first day of my Vogue Knitting Live! adventure as the Marketplace awaited.

Two levels of vendors were at my disposal and I scavenged the floor with fascination and glee as I got to squish and feel all the different yarns featured in almost every booth. I admired the different aesthetic of every booth while reveling in the homage to glitter and color that is quite synonymous with Steven Be at his booth. It was truly an experience I will never forget and the amount of learning that took place for me truly made this a priceless gift. As someone who is what I would call and intermediate knitter (someone who knows more than the basics but still hasn’t grasped all of the nuances of knitting or the more advanced techniques), I cannot stress to you how important shows like this are. Not only for the many classes you can take to further your skills but to also just be in this environment among like minded people whom you can learn from and talk to.

Inspiration and knowledge is everywhere. 

That is the biggest takeaway I got from my Vogue Knitting Live! adventure.

Amidst all the stunning designs, luxurious yarns and incredible notions, I learned that something as simple as the weave of a strand of yarn can inspire as much as a walk down Michigan Avenue. This event and this world is chock-full of inspiration, you just have to find it. 

Goodbye, Chicago.

Goodbye, Chicago.

My experience at Vogue Knitting Live! was a hugely positive one, despite a few pitfalls and the learning that took place was invaluable to me. To say that I can’t wait to go back next year would be quite the understatement and I hope this has solidified your resolve to join in on the fun, too.


Are Your Ready to Make Your Mark and Join the Power Purls Launch Team? Join the Fun– Podcast Launches October 1st!


launch team Just a quick note… We’ve been working like crazy to make a BIG BANG when Power Purls Podcast goes live October 1st! The launch is just days away and we need your help!

So here’s the deal:

We’re rallying up the troops to be on a special Launch Team to help get the word out to knitters everywhere. In order to do this, it’s essential that we get the podcast in New & Noteworthy on iTunes. There’s only one shot for this, which is within the first 8 weeks after the show goes live.

With your help, we can reach this goal and get the show out to as many knitters as possible to share incredibly inspiring interviews with designers and everyday knitters that discuss how knitting has transformed their lives.

On the Podcast, I’ll also discuss the latest from Creative Knitting, Annie’s Video Classes, the Annie’s Craft Festival, as well as educational resources, books and advice. I’ll also share my wisdom as an editor, and working within the yarn industry for almost fifteen years.

Also on the show,  I’ll be chatting with knitwear designer and Creative Knitting Newsletter editor, Tabetha Hedrick in our “Ask Tabetha & Kara Anything” episodes. If you have a question, we’re all ears. You can leave a voice-recorded question for us here and ask us anything!

So can we count on you to be on the Launch Team? If you’re up for this, send an email to, saying “I’m in!” and we’ll send you more details soon.

If you haven’t already done so, visit and sign up for the show updates so you’ll be notified when the first episode goes live!

Thank you for being a dedicated follower of this blog, and a Creative Knitting reader. You mean so much more to us than you know. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!

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Knitters Unite! Help Raise Funds for Alternative Cancer Treatment With Craft Auction

Happy Friday!

It is my sincerest hope that everyone has a pleasant and relaxing weekend filled with soft yarn and fast needles.

I also hope that this weekend you will mark your calendar for October 2-11, 2015 where a special Ebay auction will be taking place for a very special cause.

Cast Off Chemo!

Cast Off Chemo!

A couple of months ago, I featured a charity that is dear to my heart as I have personally been affected by cancer and lost someone I loved from the disease.

Let me give you a brief background on the Cast Off Chemo! charity. The mission of Cast Off Chemo! is to raise money for a medical trial of an alternative cancer treatment that uses your bodies own antibodies to fight cancer cells instead of using destructive chemotherapy.

The goal? To raise $1 million for the clinical trial to move forward on making this treatment of tomorrow here today.

I cannot stress enough how groundbreaking and important this research and treatment will be for those with any form of cancer and not just breast cancer that is one of the main focuses of the research.

Now back to the auction:

On October 2nd, an Ebay auction begins that will last for 11 days. During this auction ALL PROCEEDS will be going to fund this clinical trial. Just some of the products available for bid are: 

  • Patterns
  • Books
  • Crochet Hooks
  • Knitting Needles from Hiya Hiya and Denise Interchangeables
  • Subscriptions from major yarn industry publishers
  • Yarns from: Skacel, Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, Berroco, Tahki Stacy Charles, Mountain Colors, Imperial Stock Ranch, Trendsetter Yarns and more!

Be sure to check out their website as well for updated auction information as we get closer to October at

Of course you can continue to help the cause before and after this auction by purchasing one of the 50 patterns available for $5 each on their site, sponsoring a fundraising event at your local yarn store or knitting group, or donating on their website.

If every knitter and crocheter were to donate just $1, we would have more than enough funds to start this important clinical trial.So join me on October 2nd to raise money for the cure and to help Cast Off Chemo!

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Editor Wants to Know- Any Fall Knitting Plans?

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!


Happy Wednesday and welcome to another edition of The Editor Wants to Know! Even though it is currently 80 degrees and sunny here in Indiana today,  the cool breezes and golden leaves are only a few weeks away.

Fall is the perfect time of year for knitters. It’s cool enough to start to break out the wool and start work on that perfect sweater for winter (which is my plans exactly) or getting a head start on holiday presents (gloves, scarves and hats, oh my!).

So let me know, what are YOU planning on for your fall knitting?