Fiber Fun Friday- Yarn Bombed in New Hampshire, what’s HOT in Creative Knitting + Tutorials 24/7

Yarn Bombed in New Hampshire!

I recently went on a trip to Manchester, New Hampshire to attend the Knit and Crochet Show, which is primarily known as the premier show for crocheters, but it has grown in knit over the past several years. This is a conference/marketplace where knitters, crocheters and yarn enthusiasts join together for classes, fashion shows and a good time.

During some down time, I ventured off to explore and to my surprise the hotel and surrounding grounds had been yarn bombed with a variety of colorful granny squares and knitted swatches.

Another big highlight is The Knitting Guild of America (TKGA) dinner and fashion show which I co-emceed with designer, Charles Gandy.

Me, with designer Charles Gandy

With designer Charles Gandy, catching up before the evening festivities.

We Love Dreamers Challenge

Imperial Yarn Tracie Too

Dreams do come true! Get the details for this exciting Challenge here!

If you’ve ever had a dream to get your knitting design published, here’s your chance! The Autumn issue of Creative Knitting kicks off a special Tracie Too Design Challenge, sponsored by Imperial Yarn. To be eligible, all designs must be accessories made with Tracie Too yarn, which can be purchased here on Annie’s.

The winning designs will be published in the Spring 2015 issue of Creative Knitting, along with a surprise box of yarn each month!

To learn more, turn to pages 22-23 in the Autumn issue of Creative Knitting, or visit the contest page here.

Tutorials 24/7

Visit 24/7!

Visit 24/7!

Did you know that Annie’s has a huge resource of tutorial videos that you can dive into for all of your knitting needs? I’m sharing this little best-kept secret with you so you can keep this in your back pocket for those times when you’re in a bind and you need some help. is where I go when I’m stumped, or when I need a stitch refresher. Check it out here! For more tutorials and knitting help, you can also check out Kara’s Quick Knit Tips and Lunchtime Quick-Knit Tip videos that live on this blog forever.

The Editor Wants to Know

The Editor Wants to Know!

The Editor Wants to Know!

Chime in on the latest question and chime in on simple quick questions and see what others have to say too. Here are snippets of some of the most popular “burning” questions:

I Need Your HELP! Are You a Thrower or a Picker?

Combining Knitting and Crochet Together. Is this a BIG Knitting No No?

How Do You Make Your Passion Portable?

Check out the archives here.


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Fiber Fun Friday- Knitalongs, Weekend Knitting and Annie’s

Join the Berroco Knitalong!

Join the Berroco Knitalong on Ravelry!

It’s another Fiber Fun Friday! The weekend is here again, so let’s start things off right and make time for the passion we all share. A little planning can go a long way when it comes to grabbing our knitting bag and heading out at a moment’s notice.

A bunch of fun things are going on lately. Maybe you’re in the loop, but if not, than you certainly do not want to miss out. Read on for my little recap so you can join in on the yarny party going on right now!

Monthlong Knitalong

Chock Wrap Knit Pattern

Chock Wrap Knit Pattern

We recently kicked off an exciting knitalong (KAL) in the Berroco Lover’s Group on Ravelry. It’s a fun time and so many people have gotten involved. We’re all making the gorgeous Chock Wrap, designed by Norah Gaughan. It’s made with Maya, a luxurious trans-seasonal yarn which is a joy to work with.

Berroco® Maya™

Berroco® Maya™

If you haven’t joined yet, don’t worry because a KAL has no expiration date. You can jump in at any time and even pose questions to the group even after the official start date. So what are you waiting for? Visit Annie’s and grab your Chock pattern and Maya, introduce yourself and have fun!

New Annie’s Group on Raverly!

Did you know that Creative Knitting is part of the major craft retailer, Annie’s? Well, things are really cooking over on the new Annie’s Fan Group, so hop on over and see what’s going on! Make some new friends and also stay on top of what’s hot in yarn!


The Editor Wants to Know

How to you make your passion portable?

How to you make your passion portable?

If you missed my recent post, I asked how you make your passion for knitting portable and to also share your unique story with us. You can read the full post here, or dive into the archives here.

After this post went live, it caused a lot of commotion on the Creative Knitting Facebook Page! Many fans hared their stories and projects they like to make when they travel. Please share yours here.

Click image to interact with this post!

Click image to interact with this post!

Let’s make this Friday interactive and fun! Tell us your story, and share what’s on your needles!

Join the conversation on Facebook!

Join the conversation on Facebook!

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The Editor Wants to Know: How Do You Make Your Passion Portable?

How to you make your passion portable?

How do you make your passion portable?

With the summer months still upon us, we like to take our knitting everywhere we go and get in a stitch or two every chance we get. But to make this happen, the process needs to be super-easy to pack up your WIPs and go!

So today, I decided to mix things up and ask you two questions so we can interact and really make this fun!

#1. Do you think you’ve found an ingenious way to easily travel with a knitting project or two in tow?

#2. Do you have a unique or funny travel/vacation story about something that involves you and your knitting?

me, knitting in the car a few weeks on my way to Cape Cod. I love knitting for hours on  end in the car!

My latest project in-progress enroute to Cape Cod, Mass. for a little family getaway. Nothing beats watching the scenery while knitting for hours on end in the car!

I can’t wait to hear from you because your story might even appear on the pages of Creative Knitting magazine!

Let’s start the conversation! Leave your comment below or on the Creative Knitting Facebook Page.


Fiber Fun Friday — Knitting on Vacation (or Staycation)

Get ready, get set, it's the weekend!


I have some of the fondest memories of knitted items made while away on vacation. Do you have projects that remind you of where and when you made them? What happy memories they evoke. I just love that!

What’s on Kara’s needles this weekend?

Here’s a peek of me knitting on the beach. Do you remember this yarn? I was writing about this just a few weeks ago in this post, wonder what I should do with this delicious yarn.

I finally decided to create a wrap/neckerchief design, which I plan to feature in an upcoming issue of Creative Knitting. I won’t tell you which one, but I will be SO IMPRESSED if you point this out in a future issue. Let’s keep this a fun mystery for now!

Knitting at the beach. It just can't get any better than this!

Knitting at the beach. It just can’t get any better than this.

And another fun find on the beach–yarn cutters. I was pretty desperate because I was working on another project made with Alpaca and I was stranded without a scissor. It’s amazing how resourceful us knitters are, isn’t it?

I got a little scrappy and started thinking: “Hmm…something sharp….ah, a shell.” Viola, nature’s yarn cutter! Pretty cool, huh?

Sea shells--nature's yarn cutter.

Sea shells–nature’s yarn cutter.

When you go on vacation, what kinds of projects do you feel are the most travel-friendly? How do you make it easy to knit on-the-go?

Chime in on the convo on the Creative Knitting magazine Facebook page and share your vacation (or staycation) stories.

Join the conversation on Facebook!

Join the conversation on Facebook!


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Monthlong Knitalong with Berroco and Creative Knitting!

So have you heard? We’re kicking things off with a new knitalong just about to start on the Berroco Lover’s Ravelry group for this stunning Chock Wrap design.

July 18th, through August 18th, Creative Knitting and the Berroco Design Team have joined forces to bring you a special knitalong featuring the stunning Chock Wrap.

Chock Wrap Knit Pattern

Chock Wrap Knit Pattern from Berroco

Watch this comprehensive, step-by-step video where Berroco designer Emily O’Neil shows you must-know lace knitting and chart reading basics!

If you’re ready to jump in and get started, here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit Annie’s to purchase and download the Chock Wrap pattern and Maya in the color of your choice.
  • While you’re waiting for your yarn to arrive, watch this video which will show step-by-step how to work the Chock Wrap.

Remember, the knitalong is available for you to join in at any time, and it will never expire!

Have fun knitting!

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