Knitters Unite! Help Raise Funds for Alternative Cancer Treatment With Craft Auction

Happy Friday!

It is my sincerest hope that everyone has a pleasant and relaxing weekend filled with soft yarn and fast needles.

I also hope that this weekend you will mark your calendar for October 2-11, 2015 where a special Ebay auction will be taking place for a very special cause.

Cast Off Chemo!

Cast Off Chemo!

A couple of months ago, I featured a charity that is dear to my heart as I have personally been affected by cancer and lost someone I loved from the disease.

Let me give you a brief background on the Cast Off Chemo! charity. The mission of Cast Off Chemo! is to raise money for a medical trial of an alternative cancer treatment that uses your bodies own antibodies to fight cancer cells instead of using destructive chemotherapy.

The goal? To raise $1 million for the clinical trial to move forward on making this treatment of tomorrow here today.

I cannot stress enough how groundbreaking and important this research and treatment will be for those with any form of cancer and not just breast cancer that is one of the main focuses of the research.

Now back to the auction:

On October 2nd, an Ebay auction begins that will last for 11 days. During this auction ALL PROCEEDS will be going to fund this clinical trial. Just some of the products available for bid are: 

  • Patterns
  • Books
  • Crochet Hooks
  • Knitting Needles from Hiya Hiya and Denise Interchangeables
  • Subscriptions from major yarn industry publishers
  • Yarns from: Skacel, Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, Berroco, Tahki Stacy Charles, Mountain Colors, Imperial Stock Ranch, Trendsetter Yarns and more!

Be sure to check out their website as well for updated auction information as we get closer to October at

Of course you can continue to help the cause before and after this auction by purchasing one of the 50 patterns available for $5 each on their site, sponsoring a fundraising event at your local yarn store or knitting group, or donating on their website.

If every knitter and crocheter were to donate just $1, we would have more than enough funds to start this important clinical trial.So join me on October 2nd to raise money for the cure and to help Cast Off Chemo!

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Editor Wants to Know- Any Fall Knitting Plans?

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!


Happy Wednesday and welcome to another edition of The Editor Wants to Know! Even though it is currently 80 degrees and sunny here in Indiana today,  the cool breezes and golden leaves are only a few weeks away.

Fall is the perfect time of year for knitters. It’s cool enough to start to break out the wool and start work on that perfect sweater for winter (which is my plans exactly) or getting a head start on holiday presents (gloves, scarves and hats, oh my!).

So let me know, what are YOU planning on for your fall knitting? 


The Friday Knit Review- DIY Knit-Cessory

Happy Friday and welcome to the brand new segment of Splendid SticksThe Friday Knit Review with me- Jaclyn!

For the inaugural post I wanted something that was hot and trendy right now among knitters, something fun and different that I think people will love.

Enter in Skacel’s DIY Knit-Cessory.

Skacel's DIY Knit-Cessory

Skacel’s DIY Knit-Cessory

These accessories were hot at this past Spring’s TNNA show in Columbus, Ohio and it’s no surprise why. Come packaged with what appears to be a circular needle, it actually is a magnetic clasp that allows you to wear your knitting as a necklace!

The ingenious packaging!

The ingenious packaging!




Simply choose the yarn you would like to work up your swatch in (I used a cherry red Mohair) and let your creativity go wild! Once finished with your pattern, simply follow the simple instructions to successfully finish the piece and secure it.

Then put it on and strut your stuff with a stylish and colorful piece made just for you, by you!


In a world of mass-produced jewelry, something like this is a welcome breath of fresh air that has a wild appeal among knitters, not to mention this is a fabulously inventive way to use up some of that leftover yarn!




The Editor Wants to Know- Circulars or DPN’s?

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!







It’s an age old question: do you prefer circular or double point needles?

When knitting in  the round, it has been standard to use DPN’s when knitting small spaces such as the top of a hat.

But with the use of the magic loop method, circulars are a very real possibility for sock knitters and those who may be intimidated by the use of multiple needles with DPN’s.

So my question to you is this:

Do you prefer to use double pointed needles or use the magic loop method with circulars when knitting in the round (especially in sock knitting)?

I personally am a magic loop method fanatic as I love knitting with circulars!

What about you? Let us know in the comments below or even post a picture of you using your method of choice!


Do You Have a Compelling Knitting Story?


Do you have a compelling knitting story? How has knitting helped you through a time of pain and loss in your life?  If you think your story will be something others will benefit from and be inspired by, then please share your story here.

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To sign up, visit this page to tell your special story and why you feel it would benefit the listeners.

We can’t wait to hear from you!