Join Today at 4pm EST on the Power Purls Podcast Facebook Page!

Hey everyone! I want to let you know that I’ll be chatting it up today on Facebook Live on the Power Purls Podcast Facebook page at 4pm EST!

Join me at 4pm EST TODAY on Facebook Live!

Join me at 4pm EST TODAY on Facebook Live!

If you’ve been watching me on the Creative Knitting Facebook page, you know that every Wednesday I ask you a “burning question” in my video series, The Editor Wants to Know. The cool part about videos on Facebook– you can leave comments on any video even after it is no longer live!

In today’s Power Purls video I’ll be talking about how to become a “conduit for creativity” and I share 4 tips that you can use right away and why they are important. I also give you a little primer about them in today’s podcast episode hot off the presses this morning. Check it out here.

On Power Purls Podcast, and now on Facebook Live, you’ll learn how you can design for magazines and create a proposal that gets an editor’s attention. I talk about this plus how to manage yourself if you’re trying to make a go at starting a design business while also juggling a day job. I’ll show you how to stay productive and keep the creative juices flowing! If this sounds good to you, then sign up for my updates to get your free 8-Step Guide that will help you design killer proposals. You’ll also be alerted when new episodes go live and when I’ll be broadcasting my videos on Facebook.

Hope to see you today on Facebook at 4pm EST!

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Are Your Ready for a Knitalong? Join Me on Facebook Today!

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be chatting it up about the Knitalong that I shared with you in my last post. Please join me today at noon, EST for my live video on the Creative Facebook page. See you there!

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Creative Knitting Magazine has a Brand Spankin’ New Home on Instagram. Let’s Celebrate with a Two-Week Knitalong!

Insta screen grab

For two exciting weeks, July 29-August 12, Creative Knitting invites Lena Skvagerson, the ultra-talented lead designer of Annie’s Signature Designs so we can all join together and make her shawl design, Undulating Waves, which will be featured in the autumn 2016 issue, which will soon be available for free for as long as the autumn 2016 issue is on sale!

Join us for a new knitalong!

Join us for a new knitalong on Instagram! Click here to see what we’re up to!


Undulating Waves, by Lena Skvagerson

Undulating Waves, by Lena Skvagerson

As we move closer to the knitalong, we’ll share more information here on the blog and on Instagram so you have plenty of time to gather your materials and purchase enough yarn on Annie’s Yarn Shop so you can get started.

Click here to visit the Creative Knitting Instagram page to see what we’re up to because you’ll see things you don’t get in the magazine such as a candid look at what happens behind-the-scenes at photo shoots and how the issues come to life… and of course lots of eye candy for you to enjoy 🙂

See you the knitalong!

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The Editor Wants to Know! How Do you De-Stress with Your Knitting + 6 Tips from Kara!

Editor Wants to Know!

In this edition of The Editor Wants to Know! I asked you in my Facebook Live video:

How does your knitting help you de-stress?

What a great conversation it was! You can check out the video here and leave your comments below the video to keep the convo going!

In the video, I share 6 these really useful ways that knitting can help us feel calmer and happier. I talked about these in detail in the video, but here’s a handy list for you as well:

  1. You become more patient – when you’re standing in line, or sitting in a doctor’s office. No worries… you’ve got your knitting!  I know that ever since knitting came into my life, times that used to make me impatient are now opportunities.
  2. You feel calmer – all we need to do is sit for a few minutes and we can see how the act of knitting does this.
  3. It’s good for your brain – studies have shown that as we age, if we keep ourselves busy with actives such as knitting this will really help us to stay sharp.
  4. Helps you work out a problem – I know for myself, my knitting has been my refuge during times of crisis or pain because it brings me a sense of joy and comfort.
  5. Helps you be more mindful – because knitting is like my form of meditation. I knit the first thing every morning while I listen to inspiring podcasts or audio books, and it is like brain candy for me. It really sets the tone for the day.
  6. It can help you overcome an addiction or bad habit – if you’re trying to stop smoking, snacking or you want to tame a bad habit, picking up knitting needles can be very instrumental to your success.

I also take things a step further and love to express my love for knitting through creating collages with knitting-inspired elements. When I have time to do this, I really get lost in the activity.


So how about you? Do you use any of these methods, or can you share some inventive ways you use your knitting to de-stress? Maybe bring it into a journal writing practice perhaps?

Join me on the Creative Knitting Facebook Page and to watch the video now!


The Editor Wants to Know! Ask Me Anything!

Editor Wants to Know!

Hey everyone! The tables are turned this week, and now it’s your turn to ask me your BURNING questions. Ask me anything about the magazine, techniques, yarn, etc. Even if it’s silly and you think it has nothing to do with knitting, no problem, go for it! I believe knitting often dictates life, and life can dictate our knitting, so nothing is off the table.


Here’s your chance to ask me anything! Now it’s your turn to ask your BURNING question. Over the past few years since I started this blog feature, I’ve asked many questions, but perhaps there’s one question that you have that I haven’t addressed. Go for it!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Join me on the Creative Knitting Facebook Page and to watch the video!