Mindful Mondays – Simple, Silly Knitting Sayings

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The Editor Wants to Know- Charts or Written Pattern?

Combining knitting and crochet-- From your perspective, do you believe this to be a total faux pas, or do you absolutely relish in the thought of using both crafts together? Please share your thoughts!

Charts or Written Pattern. Which do you prefer?

More and more knitting patterns are converting to charts over written instructions. In Creative Knitting magazine, we always provide both. However, the question remains: do we really need both? I’d like to ask you all to weigh in on this discussion.

Are you a “visual” knitter and rely upon the chart only, or do you feel it is necessary to have that chart nearby as a way to double-check the pattern?

Here’s the burning question:

Do you like to have both the written pattern and chart when referring to a knitting pattern or do you prefer one over the other?

Do you find it comforting to know that the written pattern is there with a tip or two just in case you run into some confusion?

Let’s start the conversation by leaving your comment below, or visit the Creative Knitting Facebook page, but clicking here.


Mindful Mondays: Start with “Fun First”

Do something that soothes your soul today!

Do something that soothes your soul today!

Let’s start with “fun first.” What’s that ONE thing that makes you come alive. Do it now!



Mindful Mondays- Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!


I’m really big on affirmations and quotes, so each Monday I thought it would be nice to share some of my faves with you. This is one that brings me so much inspiration and I hope it puts a smile on your face today.

Happy Monday!

henry david thoreau_2

Pave the life of your dreams, and make today amazing!


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Fiber Fun Friday- Yarn Bombed in New Hampshire, what’s HOT in Creative Knitting + Tutorials 24/7

Yarn Bombed in New Hampshire!

I recently went on a trip to Manchester, New Hampshire to attend the Knit and Crochet Show, which is primarily known as the premier show for crocheters, but it has grown in knit over the past several years. This is a conference/marketplace where knitters, crocheters and yarn enthusiasts join together for classes, fashion shows and a good time.

During some down time, I ventured off to explore and to my surprise the hotel and surrounding grounds had been yarn bombed with a variety of colorful granny squares and knitted swatches.

Another big highlight is The Knitting Guild of America (TKGA) dinner and fashion show which I co-emceed with designer, Charles Gandy.

Me, with designer Charles Gandy

With designer Charles Gandy, catching up before the evening festivities.

We Love Dreamers Challenge

Imperial Yarn Tracie Too

Dreams do come true! Get the details for this exciting Challenge here!

If you’ve ever had a dream to get your knitting design published, here’s your chance! The Autumn issue of Creative Knitting kicks off a special Tracie Too Design Challenge, sponsored by Imperial Yarn. To be eligible, all designs must be accessories made with Tracie Too yarn, which can be purchased here on Annie’s.

The winning designs will be published in the Spring 2015 issue of Creative Knitting, along with a surprise box of yarn each month!

To learn more, turn to pages 22-23 in the Autumn issue of Creative Knitting, or visit the contest page here.

Tutorials 24/7

Visit StitchGuide.com 24/7!

Visit StitchGuide.com 24/7!

Did you know that Annie’s StitchGuide.com has a huge resource of tutorial videos that you can dive into for all of your knitting needs? I’m sharing this little best-kept secret with you so you can keep this in your back pocket for those times when you’re in a bind and you need some help.

StitchGuide.com is where I go when I’m stumped, or when I need a stitch refresher. Check it out here! For more tutorials and knitting help, you can also check out Kara’s Quick Knit Tips and Lunchtime Quick-Knit Tip videos that live on this blog forever.

The Editor Wants to Know

The Editor Wants to Know!

The Editor Wants to Know!

Chime in on the latest question and chime in on simple quick questions and see what others have to say too. Here are snippets of some of the most popular “burning” questions:

I Need Your HELP! Are You a Thrower or a Picker?

Combining Knitting and Crochet Together. Is this a BIG Knitting No No?

How Do You Make Your Passion Portable?

Check out the archives here.


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