The Editor Wants to Know! How to Make an I-Cord Buttonloop & Share Your Own Innovative Uses for this Versatile Cord!

Editor Wants to Know! How do you use attached I-Cords?

The Editor Wants to Know! How do you use attached I-Cords?

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Editor Wants to Know!

My burning question is: Have you ever tried working an attached I-Cord? If so, what kinds of innovative uses have you discovered for it in your knitting?

In the autumn issue of Creative Knitting, Designer Fiona Ellis shows you in detail how to work an I-Cord buttonloop, which is featured in her cardigan design, Intertwined Elegance. In the video below I show you how to make a quick attached I-Cord so you can get started making this gorgeous design!

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Knitted Knockers – How a Simple Gift of Love & Dignity Changes Lives of Breast Cancer Survivors

On Power Purls Podcast, episode 043, I’m chatting with Knitted Knockers Founder, Barb Demorest. In the episode, she shares her amazing story about courage and how by receiving a pair of Knitted Knockers from a friend, this became the pivotal moment that changed her life.

From this point forward, Barb was on a mission and began a movement that became known as Knitted Knockers to help millions of breast cancer survivors regain their dignity.

Through the help of loving knitters and crocheters, Knitted Knockers can provide these for free to women who are in need of them. To learn how to become a volunteer, click here.

Listen to Knitted Knockers on Power Purls Podcast!

Listen to Knitted Knockers on Power Purls Podcast!

A simple gift of comfort and dignity knit by a caring friend changed my life.

— Barb Demorest

If you’d like to learn more about how to help those in need of Knitted Knockers, you can visit them on the web at:

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The Editor Wants to Know! Ask Me Anything + A Day in the Life of Creative Knitting Magazine

Editor Wants to Know!

Today’s the day to ask me YOUR burning questions!

Hey everyone! The tables are turned this week, and now it’s your turn to ask me your BURNING questions, LIVE on Facebook at 12pm EST today. Ask me anything about the magazine, techniques, yarn, etc. Plus… I’ll do a tour of my office so you can see how I develop a new issue of Creative Knitting from scratch.

Ask me anything!

Here’s your chance to ask me anything! Now it’s your turn to ask your BURNING question! Maybe you’re stuck on a technique, or want to know more about how an issue of Creative Knitting comes to life. Whatever it is, here’s your chance to ask!

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Mindful Mondays: How Our Brain Changes When We Knit

It’s another #MindfulMonday! In this series, I share ways you can jump-start your week with quotes and inspirational advice about how to add a spark of excitement to your week ahead!

In this recent post, I talked about 4 ways that you can de-stress with our knitting. Today I want to start you off with encouragement if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if your to do list is never ending. The solution may be as simple as picking up your needles.


You just might be surprised by the effect this can have on your brain. Check out this article about how your brain actually changes when you engage in a craft, and how experts say crafting helps if you suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain. Crafting can increase your happiness and maybe even your lifespan, so pick up those knitting needles!

You have my permission to sit, have a cup of tea. RELAX even if just for 10 minutes. Take some deep breaths… get in some stitches… even if to knit just a row or two because YOU deserve it.

Happy Monday and enjoy your week ahead!

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