Sacred Space

It’s not often that I’m able to carve out moments for myself to generate new ideas and recharge. Creating a little haven for myself gives me the opportunity to step away, if just for a few minutes to have that “me time” that I so crave.


The light was so exquisite in this spot this morning. Wish you could have seen it.

What would I do without olive oil and garlic?

This little guy gives me an instant smiley face.

I try so hard to remind myself that unless I’m able to nurture the important parts of me, it is literally impossible to give to others. So take the time when you can!

I hope you find time to get in touch with your deepest self this Sunday!

3 Responses to Sacred Space

  1. Hi Kara! It was nice to meet you and your family at the auction yesterday. I do have several issues of creative knitting and love them.
    I am excited to meet another person who is crazy about knitting and look forward to getting to know you a little better…I have a cup of coffee and your blog bookmarked:)
    My knitting group will be meeting soon. I will let you know the date so that maybe you can join us.
    I’ll be in touch~Penny

  2. Mamie says:

    It sure seems like a simple thing to remember, but I finally figured out how to create a sacred space for me to do all my “quiet” things away from the family, but not too far away. I think every mom should remember to do this. I found my solace in a chair of all places!

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