Stash Cleanup Challenge

There’s nothing more inspiring to me than reviving those long-forgotten balls of yarn. Digging through my containers often ignites fond memories, and I always find old favorites that bring back thoughts of the items they were initially chosen for.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to use up your stash, here are just a few fun ideas that I’ve come up with that might help get those juices flowing:

  • Multi-colored coasters- stripe them, felted them, applique them!
  • Potholders- play with some simple knit and purl patterns
  • Dish towels and washcloths- wake up your kitchen with color
  • Sampler lap blankets- sew gauge swatches together for an interesting look
  • Wall hangings- have fun with free-form!
  • Skinny scarves
  • Patchwork tote
  • Garter-stripe afghan: Knit a new color every row and leave the ends unwoven in for fun look!
  • Change purses with vintage buttons or beads
  • Slippers, socks, booties
  • Knitted flowers- for brooches or barrettes

Leave a comment to this post, sharing ways that you plan on using up your stash. Let’s kick in the New Year with some innovative ways to put those leftovers to work!

4 Responses to Stash Cleanup Challenge

  1. I’m still knitting Korknisse.
    Even though we’re post holiday, these little guys are cute enough that I want some for myself! All the previously knit ones have been given away…

  2. Anne says:

    I am already working on an afghan in garterstitch (made of odds and ends of yarn in diferent qualities, but only using blue and purple colours), but the idea of leaving the ends hanging loose is fun, I think I’ll try that next time :-)

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