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Mindful Mondays — Doing Work Worth Doing

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” -Theodore Roosevelt In my editor’s letter of the Spring 2014 issue of Creative Knitting magazine, I talk about work worth doing and taking … Continue reading


Shatter the Monday Blues– Change Your Mind, Change Your World

If you find yourself having the Monday blues, stop and think about why that is. Could it be just a habitual mindset that may have nothing to do with the work week ahead? Have you ever noticed that when you … Continue reading


Make It a Mindful Monday: Knowing When to Be Flexible

Monday again, and those socks are still not finished. What started as a leisurely weekend project several months ago, has turned into a battle to beat the clock. My intention is to make a pair of socks as a gift … Continue reading


Make it a Mindful Monday: 3 Tips to Energize Your Day

Sometimes we need just a little comfort on a Monday morning, so instead of doing the usual and opening the inbox first thing, why not start things off by easing into your day and sit quietly at your desk for … Continue reading

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Make It a Mindful Monday: Knitting & Mindfulness–Perfect Companions

Let’s make Mondays a little more magnificent and add the practice of mindfulness into the mix.  Let’s be honest, sometimes the top of the week can be a downer, especially when the weekend flies by and then all of a … Continue reading

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