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Do You Make Time for Knitting?

In today’s busy, noisy world it just gets harder and harder to find the time for everything, but it comes to doing what we love, there’s always time. I knit mostly the morning. I usually listen to one of my … Continue reading


Calling All Curious Knitters! BURNING Question of the Week: What is the Secret to Project Completion?

As I was perusing a mass of unfinished projects yesterday that I found in bags, bins and odd places throughout my house, I was left wondering why I start some projects to later abandon them, while others I knit with … Continue reading


Do you have a Favorite Cast-On Method?

What is your favorite way to cast-on? Do you use only one kind, or do you use different methods depending on your project? I’ll kick things off by sharing my favorite–the Long-Tail Cast-On. I use this most of the time … Continue reading


Are You a Picker or a Thrower: The Discussion Continues!

From the moment I jumped into writing this post, I knew it would create such a buzz! To my amazement, 60 plus comments have come in to this post where I asked you the burning question about your knitting style of … Continue reading


I Need Your HELP! Are You a Thrower or a Picker?

Lately there’s been some discussion in my office lately about knitting styles and which one is the most common. When I first learned how to knit, I was taught Continental, which means I tension my working yarn in my left … Continue reading