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The Editor Wants to Know: What are Your Holiday Knitting Habits?

What are your Holiday knitting habits? Do you knit before, during or after the holidays? Or, do you find that your knitting routine stays the same regardless of the season? I find that knitting provides me with even more comfort … Continue reading


The Editor Wants to Know: Combining Knitting and Crochet Together. Is this a BIG Knitting No No?

Obviously, you’ve visited this blog, so it would be quite silly of me to ask if you are a knitter. At least, we know that much! In addition to your love of knitting, do you also enjoy crochet? If so, … Continue reading


The Editor Wants to Know: Are You a One or Multi-Color Kinda Knitter?

I love to work with one color at a time. Having to manage multiple yarns at once tends to make me sweat. After a long day at the office, I just want to hang with my peeps, and knit for … Continue reading


The Editor Wants to Know: Are You an English or Contintal Knitter? The Conversation Continues!

I find the differences in knitting styles to be such a lively topic of discussion, so I wanted to keep the conversation going. I first opened up the subject of knitting styles in this post. I asked: Do you knit … Continue reading


The Editor Wants to Know: When Knitting Small Circumference Projects in the Round, What Technique Do You Prefer Best?

I love to ask this question because we’re all so different, and the methods we choose are all so personal. Sometimes I don’t mind using double-point needles for socks for example, but I’ll admit that having to juggle all those … Continue reading