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The Editor Wants to Know- How Will You Jump-Start Your Knitting in the New Year?

What does your knitting look like in the New Year? Do you have a special resolution to learn something new and take your skills to a new level? Here’s my resolution: I plan on learning how to knit English-style. I … Continue reading


Editor Wants to Know- What’s Your Favorite Sweater from Creative Knitting, Winter 2014?

Hey! I’m sure you’ve got your plans underway for “THE” sweater of the winter season. Do you have a favorite sweater from Creative Knitting, Winter 2014? Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find…(we’ve got something for the guys too. Keep … Continue reading


The Editor Wants to Know- What’s Holding You Back From Making Your First Sweater?

In this post I asked the question: Scarves or Sweaters? Many of you said “Why not both!” I couldn’t agree more. But what about those of you who are struggling with crossing that bridge from scarf to sweater? What’s Holding … Continue reading


The Editor Wants to Know- Scarves or Sweaters?

With the fall season upon us, and depending on how you look at things, it’s that time again to either time to make a tried and true scarf, or pull out the big guns and create your annual sweater project. … Continue reading


The Editor Wants to Know- Charts or Written Pattern?

More and more knitting patterns are converting to charts over written instructions. In Creative Knitting magazine, we always provide both. However, the question remains: do we really need both? I’d like to ask you all to weigh in on this discussion. … Continue reading