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The Editor Wants to Know: Do Knitting Skill Levels Influence Your Decision to Make a Knitting Project?

In this edition of The Editor Wants to Know, I’d like to ask the question: Do Knitting Skill Levels Influence Your Decision to Make a Knitting Project? A few years ago, we increased the skill levels in Creative Knitting magazine … Continue reading


Creative Spaces: Meet Tabetha Hedrick– the New Creative Knitting Magazine Contributing Editor, Online Newsletter Editor and Designer Extraordinaire!

I’m so excited to announce Creative Spaces, a new feature here on the Creative Knitting editor’s blog, where every so often I will interview a knitter who has a really creative space! During each interview, I will pose many of … Continue reading

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Fiber Fun Friday: Un-Knitting and Having Fun Anyway

It’s been an eventful day in my neck of the woods getting ready for the weekend festivities ahead, but I am looking forward to fitting in some relaxing knitting time. I hope you will too. With the warm weather approaching, … Continue reading

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Editor Wants to Know! What Do You Struggle With?

I find for myself it’s probably finding quality time to knit! I have a five, soon to turn six year old son who is incredibly active, so that’s where my focus is these days. I know this time won’t last forever, … Continue reading


Mindful Mondays: *Go Within, Reflect, Knit; Rep from *

Knitting is one of those portable kinds of passions…it can go with you everywhere and it has the amazing ability to instantly put a smile on your face the moment you start clicking your needles. This is the biggest reason I’m … Continue reading

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