The Editor Wants to Know- Do You Go Freestyle and Knit Without a Pattern?

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!

The Editor Wants to Know Your BURNING Knitting Questions!

Do you ever go freestyle and knit without any rhyme or reason, other than to simply enjoy the exploration?

Learn to fall in love with the swatching process.

Learn to fall in love with the swatching process.

If you aren’t a free bird knitter, why is that? Are you a little timid about picking up your needles for fear of where it might take you? Mistakes in knitting can be fun and can often lead to pleasant surprises.

Learn to love the swatch!

This is one of my favorite parts of the knitting and design process. Back in the day when I worked as a fulltime knitwear designer, I relished the idea of just sitting for hours with yarns strewn about and exploring to see what would emerge from my needles.

The discoveries were always enlightening because they revealed information that I would not have discovered if I didn’t have the courage and open mind to knit for the sake of knitting.

Maybe there’s also this notion that we don’t have much time, so we just want to pick the right pattern and jump in without swatching, but we would certainly would miss out on discoveries that move us to a new level of skill and understanding.

Please chime in on the comments to share you answer to my question…and share your own swatching adventures too!



LIVE on Power Purls Podcast, Knitting as the Ultimate Therapy with Designer Christine Marie Chen

Happy Monday! I’m excited to let you all know that a very special guest is on Power Purls Podcast today, and her name is Christine Marie Chen. Christine has graced the pages of Creative Knitting, and she is the host of the popular video podcast, Bayareaknitter, which I’ve been a recent guest. You can watch that episode here.

Christine Instagram

If this is the first time you’re learning about Power Purls, then let me share a bit more about this exciting podcast which I started back in October 2015.

My goal was to create a podcast to help budding knitwear designers to learn the basics about how to begin working with knitting magazines and start submitting designs. My ongoing mission is to inspire the listeners with stories from everyday knitters (just like you!) who have used knitting as a form of comfort during struggle, or wish to share unique stories that empower us on our knitting journeys.

If you have a special knitting story, please share it here.

Also… I would also appreciate your honest review and rating on iTunes letting me know what you think of the show. By doing so, this helps get the podcast out to so many more knitters and designers. You can leave your review by clicking here, then click the blue button on the left to “view in iTunes.”

Have a listen to the latest episodes here, enjoy and BELIEVE in the POWER of the PURL! 

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Beyond the Knitting Needle

Hey everyone! It’s the weekend, and I love to mix things up a bit and explore other things I can do with yarn that does not involve knitting needles. I’ve been enjoying some felting time, as well as other ways to move beyond the needle and get crafty with my yarn.


In this post, on the Power Purls Podcast blog, I post what I like to call my “knitography” showing some photos of a felted bead necklace in progress.  I’m always looking for ways to use my yarn stash in a more expressive and free form way that does not necessarily involve a knitting pattern.

Visit the Power Purls Podcast Facebook Page and chime in on this post and do these two things:

#1: State how you “go beyond the needle” with your yarn stash.

#2: Post a photo of something you’ve done that uses yarn without knitting.

See you on Facebook!

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Let’s Get This Party Started – A New Knitalong Starts Today!

Today’s the day… for a two-week knitalong for the Pata Shawl, designed by Francoise Danoy. There’s quite a buzz happening over on the Ravelry Creative Knitting Fans Page, so don’t miss out on the fun!


This gorgeous design is featured in the spring 2016 issue of Creative Knitting, and the pattern is yours for FREE, but only for as long as this issue is on sale, so grab your copy here and then visit to purchase Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace to get started.


If this is the first time you’re stumbling upon this information, then you’ll want to check out this post to get started.

Have fun and see you on Rav!

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SAVE THE DATE: New Knitalong, New Issue of Creative Knitting is LIVE!

Get ready, get set for a new knitalong!

This January, let’s chime in the New Year together and work our way through the Pata Shawl, designed by Francoise Danoy. The sample below is made with Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace, which you can learn about on by clicking here. We also suggest that you consider Plymouth Linaza if the idea of linen excites you.


Pata Shawl, designed by Francoise Danoy

Pata Shawl, Designed by Francoise Danoy, Creative Knitting Spring 2016

shawl seamless This shawl doesn’t overwhelm with allover lace, but instead eases you in with stockinette sections flanked by simple eyelet rows to give you a little “taste of lace.”

eyelets         lace detail

What You’ll Learn

  • How to knit an eyelet
  • How to work a centered double decrease
  • How to increase, decrease and create a yarn over

Also… get your questions answered by the designer! Francoise will be kicking things off once we get started, and she will guide you along the way and empower you to successfully start and finish your shawl.

The Details

We still have about a month before we get moving with the knitalong, but in the meantime, here are a few things you can do…

See you in a few weeks with more details!